Matthew Holman

CEO & Founder, Simpila Healthy Solutions

Panellist: Session one - Taking care - does well-being have a role in the travel programme?
Matthew is the founder of Simpila Healthy Solutions, helping to raise awareness and support for mental health and wellness to companies and individuals. Simpila was formed in 2016 after Matthew spent 20 years working in numerous roles within the Travel Industry, to pursue new work and life challenges. With his experience across the Travel Industry and a passion for helping those who are struggling to cope with the demands of life, Matthew now recognises more than others the importance of investing in providing better awareness and support for our own colleagues, and our clients who send travellers all over the world. Mental health is everyone’s business, and with 1 in 4 adults experiencing mental illness every year, now is the time we bring this from behind the curtain of stigma. "Together we CAN all make the difference in the lives of others". Matthew is a qualified Accountant, Mental Health Trainer and a Samaritans Listening Volunteer and Deputy Branch Director.